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‘ONE MORE YARD’ is an EP commemorating 100 years since Armistice Day. The project chronicles the sacrifice of young World War 1 soldiers and aims to raise awareness of today’s war on cancer.

The EP features Cillian Murphy, Brian Eno, Sinead O’Connor, Ronnie Wood, Nick Mason and Imelda May. It is the first release from ‘EVAMORE’; a project founded and curated by Professor Sir Chris Evans OBE.

Proceeds for this project will go to a new Cancer Awareness Trust which will provide expert clinical advice and guidance to cancer sufferers around the world to help maximise their chances of controlling and overcoming their battles with the disease.

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“As someone who has had to deal with cancer, I am delighted to be part of this new awareness initiative - it’s a great idea backed by some brilliant scientific people. I love the track One More Yard - a sad true story set to a haunting melody. It was a pleasure playing on it. I hope everyone gets behind this great charity ~ and there will be more to come.”

Ronnie Wood.

“This is an outstanding project that allows people such as myself to pay our tribute to the young men of 100 years ago who fought for our freedom but also to do something to help young people facing cancer today.”

Nick Mason.


Limited Edition Vinyl EP


Pre-order the Limited Edition Poppy Red Vinyl, 180g.

  1. One More Yard (Extended ft. Sinead O’Connor, Cillian Murphy, Brian Eno, Imelda May, Ronnie Wood and Nick Mason)

  2. One More Yard (ft.Cillian Murphy & Brian Eno)

  3. One More Yard (ft. Sinead O’Connor, Imelda May, Ronnie Wood and Nick Mason)

  4. One More Yard (Orchestral)


The Cancer Awareness Trust

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